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Tell me how you would like to be supported through your pregnancy, birth and post natal period?

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    Nourishing Mama's

    Pregnancy, Birth and Post Natal Care Ebook

    Nourishing Mamas- Pregnancy, birth and post natal care Ebook is a compilation of ancient wisdom and practises to support you to have a healthy pregnancy, birth and post natal period. With information on the use of Essential oils, Recipes and practises such as self massage, belly binding, placenta smoothies, herbal teas and herbs to support you to rejuvinate. Happy mother and happy baby! 

    "The first 42 days after birth, sets you up for the next 42 years of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health."


    Table of contents

    • A brief word on Pregnancy 

    • Inducing Labor  

    • Essential oils for the birth 

    • Daily warm black sesame oil massage for mum and baby 

    • Placenta

    • Oxytocin the love hormone 

    • Mastitis

    • Belly Binding

    • Daily Self love & Care to be the best Mumma

    • Self abdominal massage 

    • Wifi & Electromagnetic fields

    • Womb Steaming 1 + weeks post partum

    • Foot massage 

    • Womb Yoga 

    • Herbs & Diet 

    • Herbal Tea 

    • Recipes  ~ Organic is best 

    • Chocolate Avocado Mouse 1+ weeks post partum  

    • Hot cleansing apple & beetroot smoothie

    • K I T C H A R I Nourishing meal

    • PALAK PANEER- Spinach with cheese

    • Ghee recipe

    • Bone Broths

    • Post partum daily teas

    • Placenta Smoothie

    • Recommended reads