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Tell me how you would like to be supported through your pregnancy, birth and post natal period?

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Organically grown healing herbs of Lavender, Rosemary, Calundula and Comfrey. 

A practice done to ensure a gentle recovery after vaginal or Cesarian birth. The warmth of the steam allows the womb to soften, relax and open; receiving the healing benifits of the herbs. This practice is only done once post birth bleeding has stopped which could be 5-15 days after birth. I recommend doing for 3 days in a row followed by a warm bath. then once a week for the 6 week post natal period and once a month for maitence and for some sacred, healing time to yourself. Once your cycle returns i recommend doing this practice on the new moon or a few days before your period comes to add warmth and help with an easy painfree flow. if there is a chance you are pregnant please dont womb steam and only do a steam before ovulation if there is a pregnancy risk. for more information please see my blog 

Post Natal Womb Steam herbs