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Tell me how you would like to be supported through your pregnancy, birth and post natal period?

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Post Birth Perineum Soothe &  Repair Spray- 


This bottle of magic potion is every mama who has just given births savior!


kept in the fridge and used to spray your vagina who has just done THE most amazing thing ever!

she needs some soothing to aliminate the nasting stinging from urinating. whether you have grazes, cuts or stitches .. you need this.. trust me!


magical ingredients of 

Witch Hazel, Calendula, Lavender, Rosemary, Comprey and Aloe Vera.


- reduces inflammation

- repairs wounds 

- naturally anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory

- reduces stinging and burning




keep in the fridge so its cool and take to the toilet with you and spray as you urinate and after. use also after the shower.

Post Birth Perineum Soothe & Repair Spray