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Tell me how you would like to be supported through your pregnancy, birth and post natal period?

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Ive always been facinated with pregnancy and birth since i was a little girl. With strong caring and maternal instincts i wanted to be a midwife, i wanted to care for babies and new mummies.

Fast forward to my adult self; Since being on my own health and fertility journey my studies kept leading me to pregnancy and post natal care…caring for the next generation!

I realised that happy mamas, and loving births create happy babies.

Ive studied Ayurveda with Dr Ajit, Sacred Window with Ysha Oakes, Yoga, Reiki and astrology with Pantrix, Newborn Mothers with Julia Jones and Shamanic Midwifery with Jane Hardwicke Collings.

I am forever in gratitude for these wise teachers whom gave me the knowledge and tools to put into place to have my own beautiful, healthy pregnancy, A beautiful belly blessing ceremony, empowering calm birth and Sacred Post natal period.

Now that i have had my experience i want to share this ancient knowledge with you; to empower you to have the pregnancy, birth and post natal period that all women deserve. 

I know my purpose is to hold space for women, to feel held, heard and healed. Bringing awareness too and to honour the sacred transitions throughout a womens life. Regaining and re-membering the knowledge and connection with nature, its rhythms, its forces, cycles and the power of plant medicine.


Please don’t hesitate to connect with me here or on social media anytime, i would love to connect with you and support you through your transition into the empowering role of Mother.

About Me


Post Natal Care is paramount for happy mama and babies happiness and rejuvenation.

With Home visits or Phone & Skype support; you have the opportunity to feel nutured  and supported through this delicate and sacred time.

Check out the shop for Ayurvedic Teas, Tonic Herbs, Healing Balms and essential oils. Nature has everything we need to heal. More available after Consultation.

Would you like to enter your birth feeling confident,  ready and excited? 

One on one or couple sessions available and Belly blessing ceremonies.



"I was preparing throughout my pregnancy for the birth of my daughter, but once labour was over I was a total wreck. I didn't realise the first 40 days after delivery was just as important. This is when I desperately needed help! Holliea was so attentive to any of my needs - always there to answer the phone whenever I needed her and offering me Ayurvedic and emotional support. She was so holistic - helping how to heal mastitis naturally, increase my milk supply, what foods and spices I needed for a nurturing and quick recovery and Ayurveda medicines from the earth to heal my emotional wellbeing, balance my hormones and give me more energy to be there for my daughter. The herbs and teas that Holliea gave me were; Shatavari, Vidari Hormone Balance, Ashwaganda Tonic, New Mummies Lactation Tea, Nipple shells for my sore nipples and suggested the right DoTerra oils that would aid to my wellbeing and the right ones that won't interfere with breastfeeding. 
When I ran out of the herbs for 2 weeks, I have to say I saw a huge difference in how I felt. My hormones became incredibly imbalanced which resulted in hot flushes, mood swings, sluggishness and demotivation. And that change fell heavily on my partner's shoulders. Holliea not only helped me to heal, she also helped me to have a happy environment for my baby, and took the pressure off my partner - showing us a healthier way of eating and living" 

Cherie Mclean

Mother & Blog